The South Pacific Superyacht season is open for business!

Southern Pacific Ocean destinations are a must-see for Superyachts in 2016

As the season across much of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia draws to a close due to the onset of the Southwesterly monsoon, we move our attention towards the cruising playgrounds of the South Pacific.


With four new Seal Superyachts offices across the South Pacific, such beautiful cruising grounds such as New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tahiti are now more accessible for superyachts looking for a summer cruising ground away from the congested Mediterranean Sea and Caribbean areas.

Pacific_Superyacht_Agency_Vanuatu_New_Caledonia_600The coming months will see fine weather conditions, with blue skies and calm seas inviting superyacht owners to come and explore the island nations spread across the pristine blue seas of the Pacific.

World-class scuba diving, fascinating island cultures, incredible Deep Sea Sport Fishing, surfing and remote unspoiled anchorages are all there for yacht owners who have a wanderlust to explore.

Seal Superyachts has an integrated network of Pacific Ocean locations spanning four beautiful country destinations – offering you a seamless way to travel across the region while being supported by our expert teams.

Over the coming weeks, Seal Superyachts will feed you sample attractions of Pacific life, culture and the stunning destinations that await.

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