7 Maritime Ports to become specialised hubs along Malacca Strait

Malaysia to turn seven ports into specialised hubs


Efforts are underway to turn seven ports in Malacca into specialised hubs for various sectors to spur the state’s economic development, the State Assembly was told on Monday.

Malacca Transport and Project Rehabilitation Committee chairman Datuk Lim Ban Hong said the project under the Malacca Port Development Masterplan entailed upgrading six existing ports besides building the Malacca Gateway Port.

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He said the Malacca Gateway Port would serve the tourism industry, while the six existing ports, namely Linggi Port would cater for the industrial sector, Sungai Udang Port (military), Tangga Batu Port (oil and gas industry), Tanjung Bruas Port (cargo and containers), Umbai Port (fishing industry), and Sungai Rambai Port (mining and mineral).

The development of the ports under the masterplan, spanning over 73 km along the shore of the Straits of Malacca, will enhance the Malacca’s waterway system, he said when responding to an oral question from Datuk Ghazale Muhammad (BN-Rim).

“We have studied the advantages of specialising each port according to the sectors chosen under the masterplan in line with our strives to spur the state’s economic activities and relive the glory of Malacca Port of the 15th century,” he said.

Lim said the efforts would boost investments and economic activities in various sectors, including industrial, manufacturing and tourism, apart from creating plenty of jobs as each port would have a comprehensive infrastructure,” he said.

Source:  Malacca to turn seven ports into specialised hubs

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