What’s Changed for Female Captains in Yachting?

Masha Poma Female Superyacht Captains  Progress in yachting tends to be defined by new designs, products, technologies and and new toys. New vessels, systems and ways of constructing and fabricating yachts is an expected part of industry development. However there are aspects of the yachting industry that some would contend have not kept pace with contemporary and accepted practice and thinking. It is one of those spaces that this article seeks to explore.

Often my writings on leadership in yachting result in people making contact with me concerning what they think about the current state of affairs with respect to the broader topic of leadership and leadership development for yacht captains and senior officers. A friend of mine recently referred me to a lift-out published in the Washington Post which published a range of stories about the successful achievements of women in today’s world. Many of the articles in the lift-out focused on individual women and how they had managed to rise up in their own profession and succeed as business owners, leaders, partners and mothers.

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