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Seal Superyachts Sri Lanka office is managed by Mr Upali Gooneratne, a Sri Lankan national with 15 years experience in the local maritime and tourism industries.

Our superyacht support agency delivers a comprehensive yachting experience, combining local knowledge and the ability to address any request fast and professionally. We are able to service visiting superyachts at any of the main ports within Sri Lanka.

The Seal Superyachts Sri Lanka Team. The Superyacht Agency for Sri Lanka.
Upali Gooneratne is the General Manager of Seal Superyachts Sri Lanka.

A Message from Upali Gooneratne

Seal Superyachts Sri Lanka started out at a time when very few Superyachts had ventured to discover this island of irresistible charm. We felt that it was only inevitable that Sri Lanka would establish itself as a well known destination for yachts voyaging through the Indian Ocean. Our aim was to be there at the very beginning, to help develop Sri Lanka into a premier superyacht destination.

Today, we continue to grow every year and can confidently assert that we can handle the demands of the largest superyachts.

Upali Gooneratne
General Manager


Sri Lanka – the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a beautiful tropical island covering an area of 65,610 square kilometres (25,000 square miles), situated southeast of the Indian subcontinent and 880 kilometres to the north of the Equator.

The islands eighteen million strong population provides Sri Lanka with an intoxicating mix of cultures and diverse ethnic groups, who have been practising their unique traditions for many centuries. Whilst Sri Lanka is progressive and forward looking in its outlook, it is at the same time deeply embodied with a sense of pride in its traditions and heritage. Sri Lanka is a must-see destination on any visit to the region.

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M/Y Elandess

Mr Gooneratne was extremely helpful in assisting us long before our arrival in Sri Lanka ... however after and throughout our stay in Sri Lanka itself was where Upali really was invaluable in guiding us through the inexhaustible paperwork, visas, clearance and general officialdom.

In arranging and organizing everything for Elandess, from a very sick crewmember ... supplies, transportation and foreign visas, Upali remained fully in control ... I cannot recommend Upali enough as a true professional ... and someone who I would hope to call a friend after our first visit to Sri Lanka.

Captain Chris May, M/Y Elandess

Captain Chris May of M/Y Elandess used the Seal Superyachts Sri Lanka agency.
Captain Stephen P Hinge of M/Y Texas used Seal Superyachts Sri Lanka agency.

M/Y Texas

This is my 4th visit to Colombo over the past eleven years and the first time that used Seal Superyachts Sri Lanka as our agents for this stop over. lipaii Gooneratne, Sherrad Samath and the rest of the team at Seal were an absolute pleasure to deal with and made our entry into port hassle free.

Provisions and fuel were delivered on time with no unnecessary waiting around_ All the team at Seal couldn't be more helpful in showing the crew around and supplying the boat with loads of our brochures. On my next stop over coming through I wouldn't hesitate in using Seal Superyachts Sri Lanka again, and would recommend them to any yacht Captain who is passing through.

Captain Stephen P Hinge, M/Y Texas

M/Y Vibrant Curiosity

Just a letter to thank you and all your staff for the excellent service you offered Vibrant Curiosity during our short stay. Although we only had day 5 days to enjoy your wonderful country we definitely filled the time well. Your constant assistance in arranging clearance, provisioning, helicopter flying permits, the bunkering of A1 jet fuel and obviously you excellent guides at the various inland locations made for a memorable stay.

Thank you again Seal Superyachts Sri Lanka and I'll be in touch when we return.

Captain Jeff Dunn, M/Y Vibrant Curiosity

Captain Jeff Dunn of M/Y Vibrant Curiosity used the Seal Superyachts Sri Lanka agency.

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