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Seychelles – Our Clients

The following is a list of just a few of the yachts that have recently visited the Seychelles, and have used our services. [title_small title=”Customer References” /] (click on link to view letters of reference)

S/Y Gliss Captain Nathan Tuke
M/Y Octopus Captain Jannek Olsson
M/Y Exuma Captain Adolfo Oria
M/Y Pangaea Captain Ferdi Heyman
M/Y Plan-B Captain Mark Downs/Richard Grissell
M/Y Mayan Queen IV Captain Richard Kirkby
M/Y Kalizma Captain Clive Carrington-Wood
M/Y Anastasia Captain George Thompson
M/Y Vava Captain Glen McDonnell
M/Y Pangaea Captain Ferdi Heymann
S/Y Naos Captain Dan Artiss
S/y Red Dragon Captain Ben Marshal
S/y Phillanderer Captain John Spiller
 S/y Capercaillie Captain Tony Brooks
 S/y Independence Captain Christ Blunt
 S/y Rogue Captain Carlos Potier
 S/y Tangaroa 
 S/y Georgia Captain Anthony Daebritz
 S/y Georgia Captain Graham Wilkinson
M/y Shandor Captain Nigel Studdart
 M/y Tigre Dor Captain Cedric Mayer
 M/y Le Pharaon Captain Sigfred Grande
 S/y Drumbeat Captain Mark Stevens
 S/y Levante Captain Olivier Georgandas
 M/y Northern Light Chef Timothy Lock
 M/y Helena Captain Allen J Brink
 M/y Talisman C Captain Charles Jerrom
 M/y Anna Captain Giles Cope
 M/y Moecca Captain Thorsten Klevsater
 M/y Coral Island Captain Glen J Kessels
 M/y Helios II Captain Giles Smith
 M/Y Samax Captain Trevor Appleby
 M/Y Titania Captain Neil Evans
M/Y LightningCaptain Brennen Fairbairns


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