Seal Superyachts & Veritas International Join Forces


Seal Superyachts Veritas International


In a new development designed to make life safer and smoother for Superyacht owners and Captains wishing to bring their yachts to the Indian Ocean and Asia, Veritas International & Seal Superyachts have joined forces.

Veritas International is regarded as the world’s leading Superyacht services provider specializing in anti-terrorism, piracy and strategic intelligence; whilst Seal Superyachts is Asia’s leading Superyacht Support Agency, with offices throughout Asia and the Indian Ocean.  This strategic partnership will help bolster confidence in Captains who have yet to enjoy the experience of cruising in the Far East.

Speaking on behalf of Seal Superyachts, Adam Frost was quoted as saying, “we are delighted to be joining forces with Veritas International.  It is our mission as a leading superyacht agent to try to make life as safe and smooth as possible for yacht captains, owners and crew who are considering venturing out to the Indian Ocean and Asia.  We have long since viewed Veritas International as the premier superyacht protection company, and as such I am delighted to have joined an official collaboration between our companies.  I’m hopeful that our new working relationship will help allay any safety issues that yacht owners and Captains may have about bringing their Superyachts to our areas of operation in Asia and the Indian Ocean regions.”

In response, the CEO of Veritas International, Simon Rowland, said, “we are equally enthusiastic about partnering with such a prestigious Superyacht agency as Seal and look forward to an exciting and dynamic enterprise in the Far East. Having built our reputation within the sector over the past nine years, we are delighted to be acknowledged as the world’s leading provider of SuperYacht security services and we are convinced that with Seal’s exceptional reputation, the whole yachting offering we provide to our clients together will be greater than the sum of the parts.”

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