Novurania Launches New Custom One Superyacht Tenders

Novurania Custom One 31 Tender Seal Superyachts Yacht Agents  Recently, Novuraniatook another significant step forward by launching Custom One Tenders, a separate division dedicated to designing and developing semi-custom limousine tenders. Custom One Tenders offers a unique design proposition to the yacht owners who think of their tenders as an extension of their yachts. “The same design, engineering , manufacturing excellence that goes into mega yacht development is applied to our R&D efforts,” explains Robert Collada, the president of Novurania of America, Inc. “Such passion and commitment is bound to produce limo tenders that would stand out from the crowd and get people excited.”

Custom One Tenders looks beyond the marine industry for its inspirations. Latest trends in fashion, architecture, aeronautical and automotive industries are closely monitored and referenced. Latest breakthroughs in technology, materials and manufacturing techniques are analyzed and adopted. The latest social norms and shift in status quo are often reflected in the design.

Custom One Tenders is strategically poised to fill the large gap in the market that currently exists between mass production tender boats and fully custom-built limousines. “With its large footprint and stately presence, our flagship Coach 31 looks and feels more like a Rolls Royce. It is formal, timeless and elegant,” explains the principal designer Hak Soo Ha. “Whereas our new Coach 27 concept is designed more like a Jaguar or Maserati, a sports sedan with sleek profile and sexy proportion, coupled with provocative and edgy styling.”

Read the full press release here:  Custom One Tenders by Novurania