New dates for Sydney Superyacht Show – September 2015

Australia’s premier yacht brokers will host the second edition of their dedicated superyacht event, this time as a herald of spring and the boating season down under.

The brainchild of Richard Morris of Australian Superyachts, Justin James of Sydney Superyacht Marina and Peter Lovett of Geoff Lovett International, the Sydney Superyacht Show will run from 4 to 6 September 2015.

New dates have been selected this year so the show coincides with the first week of spring.  Organisers decided to move the dates in direct response to a number of yacht owners and VIP clients unable to attend last year due to the timing clashing with their vacations.

Sydney Superyacht Show 2015 Yacht Agents Australia

“Our guests are drawn from the yacht-owning community, many of whom were seeking the sunshine in Europe in July and August – the peak time in the Med,” explains Richard Morris. “A change of dates was suggested and we are only too happy to oblige! Rather than having a show in the middle of winter, the first weekend in spring bodes well for a summer of boating ahead!”

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