Destination Information

Vanuatu Destination Information

Vanuatu is an island nation in the SW Pacific composed of over 80 islands with 2,528 kilometers of coastline and a total surface area of 12,189 square kilometers. Vanuatu lies a mere 600 nm to the West of Fiji and 1000 nm East of the Australian East Coast making it a great stopover point for yachts heading across the Pacific or for those on a SW Pacific circuit.

Due to the many islands, most of which are sparsely populated, Vanuatu has an abundance of safe, beautiful and unspoiled anchorages and bays, with some spectacular scenery. Each island, bay and village along the way brings a new and totally unique experience to the visitor.

When to visit Vanuatu

The climate is tropical, and yachts usually cruise Vanuatu during the driest months – any time from April to December, avoiding the height of summer and Cyclone season in January, February and March.


Vanuatu has no large marinas or superyacht marinas as such, however stern to berthing for vessels up to 30 to 35 metres LOA is possible at Yachting World and up to 40 metres LOA at certain private wharfs in Port Vila (which is also the capital). In terms of berthing, we have exclusive arrangements with Yachting World and several private berth owners in Port Vila.

Marina security

Security for berthing in Port Vila is exceptional; full time security guards operate in a well maintained and developed private seafront area.

Customs process

Clearance in Vanuatu is very streamlined. We give the actual process a maximum of two hours, but we have usually found it takes about 40 minutes once the officers arrive on board. We do a lot of background work before a yacht arrives to make sure all the required paperwork is done prior to arrival. Please contact us ahead of your expected arrival so we can assist to coordinate your processing smoothly and promptly


All the usual flags are acceptable, and most people do not require visas. Upon arrival you will receive a 30-day tourist visa, which can be extended for yachts staying for longer periods. The department of immigration is currently looking at changing the current ruling to support the growing yachting industry. Seal Superyachts Vanuatu is working with the authorities to help create the best possible experience for the visiting yachts.  For charter yachts we arrange all the paperwork allowing for legal charters of foreign registered superyachts in Vanuatu waters. Yacht captains or management companies should contact us directly for more detailed information on the charter requirements.

Crew activities

There are plenty of resorts that welcome day guests, beaches, bars and clubs. Day tours are always available as well as activities such as diving, fishing, surfing, golf, etc.