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Turn-around in Rules for Foreign Owned Yachts in Phuket


The rules applying to yachts anchoring in Phuket waters for any length of time have been rolled back after a reaction of pure horror from yacht and marina owners.


from The Phuket Gazette by Wiparatana Nathalang

Before December 26 last year, foreign-registered yachts could be kept in Phuket for up to six months but on that date the Customs Department brought in a new rule that owners or skippers must “re-register” their boats every two months during the six months.

Now, that rule has been dropped. However, more changes to the rules may be on the way, says Nunthita Sirikup, Director of the Phuket Customs Department, after she has consulted with other relevant government departments.

For now, the rules state that a foreign-flagged yacht may be kept in Phuket waters for up to six months. A relaxation of the rules means this period may be extended by four months by applying to the Phuket Customs Office and a further two months by application to the Southern Region Customs Director, Prayuk Maneechot, who is based in Songkhla, overseeing all 17 custom offices in the South.

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