Dugong via Seal Superyachts Thailand.

Thailand: Increase in Dugong Population off Trang Coast

The Andaman Marine and Coastal Resources research and development center says latest survey of dugong population in the sea off Trang coastlines showed there are over 210 dugongs.

The airborne survey conducted on Feb 14 showed the dugong population has increased to at least 210 from 169 spotted during last year’s survey.

The survey covered the sea off Trang province which included Chao Mai marine national park, and Libong Island no-hunting area in Kantang district.

The sea off Trang province is rich with sea grasses and is a sanctuary of dugongs.

The airborne survey found the largest herd of over 30 dugongs in the Trang sea, and also found 42 pairs of mother and calf.

In addition to dugongs, 19 dolphins were also seen, including 2 pairs of mother and calf, and 57 sea turtles.

Researchers of the center attributed the increased dugong population to cooperation by fishermen with authorities to refrain from using fishing nets and other fishing equipment that could endanger the lives of rare marine animals which include dugongs, dolphins,and sea turtles.

All sectors in Trang also gave good cooperation in marine life conservation that has resulted in less finding of dead dugongs on shores.

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