New Caledonia Destination Information

New Caledonia and Noumea Destination Information

Seal Superyachts New Caledonia has been working with all the local Port / Customs / Immigration / Quarantine and Administrative authorities, dealing with all different kinds of yacht requests, needs and situations since the year 2006. It is through these relationships that we have succeeded in creating an efficient, reliable and professional support system. Our continual goal is to make your procedure demands in a prompt and hassle free manner.


Prior to your arrival, you will need to provide the following documents :

  • A Letter of Appointment confirming that Noumea Yacht Services is requested by the Captain/Owners, to act as their agent and organize on their behalf the clearance formalities for New Caledonia
  • A copy of the Yacht Registration Papers
  • The Noumea Yacht Services Customs Form A – Vessel Details
  • The Noumea Yacht Services Customs Form B – Fire Arms and Ammunitions on Board


On your arrival, you will be required to fill out the :

  • Noumea Yacht Services Customs Form C – Stores and Belongings on Board.
  • The Immigration Debarkation Crew & Passengers List (Pre-Arrival Doc. Package).
  • Noumea Yacht Services Service Information Form(Pre-Arrival Doc. Package).
  • SHOM Marine Navigation Chart Request Form (if required).


For Customs purposes we require you to fill out the following Noumea Yacht Services Customs Form C which includes the following information :

A list of tobacco, wines and alcohol stocks on board (specify quantities and brands). Please take note that Customs will allow you to keep for consumption all bottles already opened, and that the others will be stored under sealed bond. If you would like to drink the bottles you have on board, while you are in New Caledonia, we can request a special authorization for you from Customs for this, but please note that taxes on this the additional consumption of your stocks whilst in New Caledonia will be applied and have to be paid before departure (The tax applied will be confirmed).

The procedure is as follows, a detailed list of quantity of wines and alcohol stocks on board on arrival will be compared to the quantity of remaining on board on your departure (both lists will be checked and approved by Customs). This will permit the Customs officers to evaluate your consumption whilst in the country and taxes will be applied.

A list of all medical drugs on board (please check that stocks to match the lists, as the authorities look into this).

A list of different personal equipment that the crew and passengers may have. For example: digital cameras, video cameras, stereos, etc. (specify the serial numbers in your list)


On arrival all fresh produce (vegetable, fruits, etc) will be confiscated by the quarantine so please make sure you consume everything during the passage. Though if you cannot consume everything, try to cook them. This is also applicable for eggs! For meat, it has to be seal, vacuum pack and label with the date of packing, the type of meat, the origin of the meat and the date of expiry. As for the dry seeds if they are well stored and on close containers or non open packet they can be kept.

Shrimps are also not allowed but don’t be concerned because New Caledonia is well known for the quality of her shrimps.