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The Seal Superyachts Maldives operations team is run by our regional Manager Mr. Abdul Hannan, and his capable support staff of five. Our experienced operations team understands the demands and high level of service required, from the day you contact us to the point of departure from our beautiful country.

Seal Superyachts team in the Maldives is available on call 24/7 and guarantee’s your cruise to the Maldives will be a comfortable and problem free Port of Call.

The Seal Superyachts Maldives Team. The Superyacht Agency for Maldives.
Abdul Hannan is the General Manager of Seal Superyachts Maldives.

A Message from Abdul Hannan

Seal Superyachts Maldives has had the pleasure of servicing the world's largest luxury yachts since 2004. We strive to utilize our in-depth local knowledge to provide you the best possible service.

When you chose to cruise around the Maldives our operations team will provide you the best possible service. We welcome you to use our services, as your Maldives Superyacht Agent!

Abdul Hannan
General Manager


The Maldives Archipelago comprises some 1,190 islands (202 of which are inhabited) in a chain of 20 coral atolls, located in the Indian Ocean 416 miles/670 km south-west of Sri Lanka, covering an area of 116 square miles/300 square kilometres. Protected from monsoon devastation by barrier reefs (faros), none of the islands rises above 1.8 m.

The Maldives group of Islands extends in a N/S direction from 00 41.48 S to approx 08 00 N, to the SW of the Indian subcontinent. Malé the principal port, is centrally situated on the East side of the group.

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M/Y Meduse

The Motor Yacht Meduse, a 60 meter luxury power yacht, has had the pleasure of spending the past week in the Maldives Islands. During our visit here, we engaged the services of SEAL Superyachts Asia as our shipping agent. SEAL did a superb job in all aspects. There services enabled Meduse to accomplish all needed tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

Without their assistance and knowledge of the local practices - be it shopping, bunkering, official paperwork, and provisioning - Meduse would have had a difficult time. There services allowed Meduse to be extremely productive during her stay. I can Highly Recommend SEAL to any vessel visiting this part of the world.

Master Rodger Dwork, M/Y Meduse

Master Rodger Dwork of M/Y Meduse used the Seal Superyachts Maldives agency.
Captain Lee Mann of M/Y Ecstasea used Seal Superyachts Maldives agency.

M/Y Ecstasea

M/Y Ecstasea cruised the Maldives for two weeks ... Seal Superyachts acted as our agents for the entire cruise as well as during our transit to and from the Maldives. We found Seal Superyachts to be an efficient and experienced company who can provide invaluable information and fantastic support whenever called upon.

Abdul Hannan was our main contact. We found that nothing was a problem to him and a quick phone call was all that was needed to organise a variety of difficult requests; going above and beyond what would normally be required of a yacht agent. M/Y Ecstasea plans to return to the Maldives in the near future. We will have no hesitation in using Seal Superyachts again.

Captain Lee Mann, M/Y Ecstasea

M/Y Tigre D'Or

This to state that Superyachts Maldives have represented the M/Y Tigre D'Or whilst it has been cruising the Maldives ... Seal Superyachts provided a professional, punctual and unobtrusive support system for the ship during its time in the Maldives.

We were advised of all restrictions that had the potential to affect our operations and were able to deal with these with the aid of Seal. My thanks to the team for a job well done.

Captain Alan Welsh, M/Y Tigre D'Or

Captain Alan Welsh of M/Y Tigre D'Or used the Seal Superyachts Maldives agency.

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