SEAL Superyachts key services in India include:

Developing of itineraries for all vessels in regard to port availability, depth, approaches, distances and other services needed for Superyachts.

  • Reconnaissance of new ports for future itineraries.
  • Coordinating with various officials in Customs, Immigration, Port health and the Captains of the vessel.
  • Negotiating with agency – costs, port charges and other related costs in each and every port of call on turnkey basis.
  • Handling & recording of all port agent invoices.
  • Work with quality, efficient stevedores for services like supply of lube oil, fuel oil and fresh water in all ports.
  • Arranging pier reservations for future arrivals
  • Estimating port operation budgets for all ports for the vessel.
  • Shore excursions at various ports of call.
  • Arrangement of private Aircraft and Helicopter permits.