Project “Quantum Blue” Launches at Lürssen

Quantum Blue Lurssen  Scant details are available about project Quantum Blue. Her design, build, and project-management teams have been quite good at keeping her confidential. (Much to yacht watchers’ and the media’s chagrin, but not unexpected these days, either.) We do know that her LOA is 336’6” (102.6 meters). Project Quantum Blue should also have a beam of about 55 feet (16.8 meters). Styling is by Tim Heywood.

Project Quantum Blue has been under construction at the builder’s Lemwerder, Germany facility. That’s the same location where Azzam was built. On a side note, megayachts from about 262 to 361 feet (80 to 110 meters) are built here. Further interesting to note, Lürssen has been using that shipyard since 1935.

“Quantum Blue” may very well be the true name of the megayacht. When she emerged from her build shed, the nameplate was covered. If the prior two Lürssen launches this year are a hint, however, it’s just a code name. Those launches were Kismet (a.k.a. project Global) and Ester III (a.k.a. project Green).

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