Huoshaou Islet to pilot yacht tourism in Xiamen

Huoshaou Marina Xiamen Seal Superyachts China Yacht Agent  The yacht industry is among the most promising industries in Xiamen’s industry transformation, and has shown its potential to bring great value-added benefits to other related industries as well, in which one dollar in the yacht industry can bring 10 dollars added value to other industries. It is said that yachts are the next biggest consumption market following automobiles.

Xiamen, located in East China’s Fujian Province, is the base of many Chinese yacht brands, such as Hansheng, Tangrong and Xinxiang, and the city has attracted some overseas yacht makers, dealers and clubs.

Xiamen Wuyuanwan Marina is the largest yacht marina in China’s southeastern region with a planned 500 booths. It has China’s first bonded warehouse on water. Currently, it has 351 booths and offers services such as yacht management, lease, exhibitions, maintenance service and tourism services.

In 2013, Xiamen government opened a port joint inspection centre in the marina, which allows one-stop entry-exit service for domestic and overseas yachts and boats.

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