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The Whitsundays offer a haven for Superyacht owners. The constant winds and the beautiful natural surroundings annually attract thousands of tourists and fans from around the world.

Some of these islands are nothing more than small white sandy strips with the middle one palm, others house of five-stars resort, more are the perfect base for trips with family.

The island best known and easily accessible also by air is Hamilton: the island is an excellent base for day trips to the reef or to the other islands of the Whitsunday group. Plus Hamilton offers a good choice of restaurants and plenty of activities to be carried out both at sea and on land.

Hamilton Island

The first excursion could only be to the reef: you can go there by yacht within three hours or by helicopter from which you can admire the majestic of the coral reef. You land directly on the Reefworld at Hardy Reef and within a few minutes you are ready for diving or snorkelling.

For a truly unique experience there is also the opportunity to spend a night on Reefworld platform, in the middle of the reef: a few close friends, dinner on the deck roof and one night to see the stars with the ocean background noise.

Aerial view of the Whitsundays reef.

The itinerary must include a visit to Daydream Island very close to the coast to visit the Living Reef one of the largest open air oceanarium in the world where sharks will practically eat from your hands.

If you are looking for wild nature set the sail and cruise to Hook Island, famous for its breathless panoramas and the Pinnacles, one of the best spot in the World for snorkelling.

Before head to Whitsunday Island, there is time for another snorkelling session to Border Island, just on the sail from Hook, the best “appetiser” to chill than on one of the top 10 beaches in the World.

Whitehaven Beach is an expanse of the finest whitest sand wet from the most crystal clear water surrounded by pristine nature which make you feel a pioneer discovering a new land.

Sailing through north you find a overnight safe spot in Tongue Bay and from here with a small tender ride you reach the Hill Inlet where the shallow water creates the perfect contrast with the sand beneath your feet.

On the way back to the continent sailing along the shore of Whitsunday Island and passing through the Hook Passage, you shall stop by Cid Harbour to have a scenic bush-walk from Sawmill Beach to Dugong Beach.

The big ending is in South Molle, where enjoy that right mixture between wild reefs and various walking with leisure time at the Bauer Bay Resort.

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